Who are We?

We are actually just an I - hello, my name is Aidan. I created Larry and Bernie because I wanted to make my own Larry David themed t-shirts. Then the idea snowballed to include Larry's cousin Bernie Sanders for a number of reasons. You can read about those in our blog posts. They are entirely silly!

My goal is to create an ethical fashion brand under the name Larry and Bernie that is commitment to the producing Direct to Garment (DTG) clothing for you. Yes you!


It felt a bit crass to start doing this without thinking long and hard about the ethics of the business. My commitment is to be 100% transparent in what we do, what our business aims are and what we do to support Civil and Social Rights causes around the world.

All our t-shirts and garments are produced in sweatshop free environments and by producers who care for the environment. DTG printing ensures that nothing gets made unless it gets shipped.

Our Commitment

Larry and Bernie is starting out as an ethical fashion brand - ethical in terms of our production methods but also with what we do with the profits from each sale. I am committed to giving at least 20% of the profits from each sale to charitable causes - it's going to be clear what those causes are too! Sometime we will run campaigns for different things and when we do you'll see where your money goes. These causes have to be sustainable - there will be no throwing good money at bad problems - there are enough charities doing that.

Here's the big commitment though - I am committed to turning Larry and Bernie into a 100% Charitable Fashion Company. As far as I can tell, there is no company out there in the fashion world doing that. I want to live my best life, and when I can finally say I own my own home and look after my parents I'm done (I live with my parents currently for the record - they are lovely people). I'm going to figure out a way to track this as a goal so you can follow the progress. If I get there it's thanks to you, and Larry and Bernie will become something I direct to ensure it stays on track to support Civil and Social Rights causes.